A bit about Richmond, VA

Hello y’all!


I guess it’s time for me to write something here and I’m not exactly proud of the fact that now, after eight weeks in the United States of America, I finally made time for the blog, but hey, better late than never, right?


So, let me tell you a bit about my adventure here.


I am truly happy to tell you that my host-family is being very nice to me – it is always funny when I have to explain how am I getting along with them – it just happened! It’s unbelievable – they opened up their hearts for another daughter/ sister and I am glad to say that I love the time spent with them. I have the cutest little brother and sister possible so it is a great fun.


Also, school started five weeks ago and, after the initial shock the first two of them, now I am getting comfortable with the environment. It is so much different from what I’m used to – the people, the teaching methods, the schedule (I had a hard time comprehending how the rotation of A Weeks, B Weeks and C Weeks works, but now all is good!), the very way you feel on campus. I am so thankful for being placed in that particular place – it really is the perfect match for me. Tomorrow, in fact, I am going on a fieldtrip to a performance in the Richmond Ballet and I’m super excited!


In addition to my first short post (from now on I’ll try to be consistent, although I can’t promise anything – time just flies faster here!), I would say that with the beginning of the fall and the absence of the humidity here, in Virginia (Richmond at least 😀 ), I feel way better and I am ready to see what this great adventure will offer me, without gasping for air every time I go out!


Greetings from me, I hope everyone is enjoying their year in the States!





Dear all,

Tonight I am leaving.

I am leaving behind everything I have known my whole life. The friends I have been with since I was a kid; the family who has always been there for me; the place I call HOME. All this will stay here, continuing its life without me in it. The thought is kind of strange.

And me, I will travel for 20 hours in total until I finally reach Boston and meet everybody else, this time in person. I will step right into this adventure, following my dream, with just one suitcase and a backpack, ready to experience everything that it has to offer me. Or at least, I think I’m ready.

It is funny when you realize all that. I know what I have to do next. I know how things are supposed to be – different for sure – and I am willing to dive into them but I still cannot seem to comprehend it. This was the last time I saw those people for the next 10 months. I won’t be able to touch their hand or hug them whenever I want to. That was it. Now all I will do is write how are things going and occasionally hear their voice, so many miles away. Yes, I know things will be this way. I just can’t feel it yet. Funny, isn’t it?

And there’s that bed of mine. My cosy sweet bed I am now lying in while typing. I will miss that, too. It feels very strange – I am so used to those little things that I can’t imagine what will be like without them.

But this is why I am going, right? To feel something different. To see other perspectives. To realize that there are an awful lot of things outside my ordinary life that just wait to be noticed. To explore.

I hope things work out well. I hope that what is about to come won’t be too much for me to take. I believe I will try, though. And then just be. Be myself in this completely different world and feel how the pieces of the big puzzle slowly fall into their places.

Also, the excitement is about to come. I feel it somewhere down in my stomach, waiting for it’s time. The excitement of the first flight (wow, it was about time! 😀 ), of meeting so many new faces and of getting involved in something that is too big for me to see right now.

Something beautiful. And maybe a bit scary. But just maybe!

Have safe travels ASSIST scholars! Our adventure has just begun!