College, at home or abroad?

Hey guys,

I do realize that it has been a while since my last post, but that’s gonna change from now on. For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to answer a question if I want to study abroad or at home. I felt like on a roller coaster. At the beginning, I said to myself: “Alright, everybody around started to talk about colleges and the competition between St Mark’s students carried my away. Then I spoke to my parents. They fully supported my decisions, however, they didn’t seem to be very happy. So I started to think about it again. My friends in the Czech Republic immediately kept persuading me to study in Prague. Furthermore, I spoke to my grandma, and that was the absolute bottom of my roller coaster. After that conversation, I was not able to continue. However, after announcing my final verdict to my parents, it was my father (who doesn’t like America) who encouraged me to give it a try.

A new research began! I looked over a few colleges to where I would like to send my application. It turned out that by the end of this school year, I have to take TOEFL, SAT/ACT, 2 SAT Subject test and 4 AP exams in order to increase my chances for acceptance. After reading this information, almost fainted. After a deep breath, I scheduled this testing marathon, so that I have one test (counting all APs as one) per month starting with March.

This Friday, I am taking TOEFL, so please keep fingers crossed for me! Right now, I kind of feel like gambling. I am betting a ton of my free time, a few hundred dollars and huge amount of stress. The only thing that allays me is that if I don’t get a scholarship from a foundation in the Czech Republic and/or I am not accepted by the colleges, I will go and study in Prague at Czech institute of technology. After all, nobody guarantees that I would enjoy the one in Massachusetts more.

From now on, I keep updating my process and progress, so there will be at least some new posts at this blog 🙂


Two months behind me and still no crisis

After two months and something of my stay in the U.S., I can say that I really enjoy every moment over here.

It might sound crazy but my emotional cycle was described as one of the extremes during our orientation at Pomfret school, CT. It is pretty much what Mr. Stanley had said: “Everything’s new and interesting, I am something special at my school and everybody wants to speak to me, I made it to the varsity volleyball team, I get decent grades at school…. The line never goes down.” That is exactly my case at St Mark’s school of Texas in Dallas. Maybe there are some ups and downs, but the line never goes under “I am doing fine”. Although I broke my finger and sprained my ankle during the first month (one of the downs), I never, fortunately, felt blue. It is probably my amazing host-family and host-brother Sam that always entertain me or the school that keeps me busy with the homework and tests or volleyball that takes 2 hours and tons of energy per day or most likely all together.

I am involved in so many things that I cannot find time to be homesick or feel blue. Doing two AP classes, learning new foreign language (Spanish), playing piano during free periods at school, playing volleyball after school, filming a video during my free time for local competition, hang-out with friends and girls from Hocaday and doing homework and prepare for test, all these things, I guess, are an appropriate load to keep me busy. Hopefully, everything will go as well as it does now and I will enjoy the rest of my stay. So far so good! Image

My first day

Here it is!

I took off the Logan International Airport, change in Charlotte and landed in Dallas. My family was waiting there for me as well as the head of admission of my school. It was strange, but nice though. So when we arrived everything was just amazing. Big and amazing! I had an awesome dinner. For the first time in my life I jumped a front flip to pool and was almost eaten by three dogs. No, just kidding, ;D

Today I was amazed by the school, which is right behind the garden. People seemed to be really nice and everything went well. They took a photo of me, created an account for me and I picked up the books and was going to the head of math department. He was really nice, we did some of the precalculus and thank God, he put me into Calculus, what is exactly the thing I wanted him to do!

After that I had a volleyball practice, which was really great. The team’s good and I am already looking forward to the first tournament on Friday.

It is interesting how everything works, even though the school hasn’t started yet.