It has been already one week as I’m here in Chatham Hall, my new all-girls school in Virginia. I love it so far. It’s incredible how people are helpful. I wasn’t expecting that much help. 😉 And it’s not just casual helpfulness, but real need and will to help. Obrazek

Preseason is wonderful. I was in volleyball team this week, but we also had preseason for field hockey and cross country team. We all had 2 hours of practice twice per day. It was very challenging! I’m very happy that I came here for preseason, because it made me more self-confident before other international girls arrived. With other ASSIST students we had opportunity to meet 25 girls (including Old Girls) and our teachers, before school actually starts. It was an amazing time. I recommend everyone to take part in preseason even if you’re not doing the same sport in the fall. It’s a chance to adjust to school quicker and be done with every concussion tests, documentation and orientations in smaller groups.Obrazek

Yesterday we started our International Student Orientation. In my school we have around 20 international girls, mainly from China. They are all very nice. We had meetings about Math Department, Chapel Life (which was very interesting especially for girls from countries with different believes), Student Handbook, Courses, Student Life etc. They usually ask if we have any questions, but I always feel like all of them are answered before I even have time to think about them. It’s amazing how well-organised everything is.Obrazek

I’m looking forward next couple of days. Tomorrow every new girls are arriving and than on Monday old girls are coming. We will have busy days, but than at the end of the week we have a school trip to Washington D.C.! ❤

I’m sure you all have an amazing time in your schools! Don’t you?



Last night at home

My last day in Poland just started. I’m not yet ready. My suitcases are too heavy, but I’m working on that… 😉 Today I’ll just send last mails, let my friends know that I’m leaving, spend last night with my parents and that will be all. I’ll go and come back after 10 months. This feeling of “last”: night, day, meeting, hug, kiss, talk and so on and so forth are making me sad. I think that the worst moment was 5 days ago, when days could be counted on one hand’s fingers. My mum started looking at me as she would already miss me and every talks at home were finishing with comments about my trip to the USA.  On the other hand those situations remind me that the “American Dream” is closer than it could ever been. Nobody has to convince me that it will be the best school year in my life! I wish you all to have a good flight. See you at the Orientation!