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Bouldering in Red Rocks 😉

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A solo is basically a 24-hour solitude. All you have is your gear and yourself.




Erik and Cleo made us a feast as we returned from our solo. We got our packs on and headed up, with Luc and myself as the map readers. We camped near the peak we were going to do the next day, got in our sleeping bags and dozed off.

Alpine start -> 5 a.m., no breakfast. Just get up and start walking. After a couple of hours… Summit conquered! We hiked to the Cleo’s Lake ( we don’t actually know the name of the lake, but Cleo loves it very much ) Sleo, Ashley, Will and Luc jumped in, so they could jump out a second later. There was the Dude Patrol waiting for us as we came back to our camp. We did some chatting and finnaly gave them the…

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A group of 13.

10 days of wilderness.

What happened?


Well… We started off with 3 days of community service, which meant building water trenches. During those 3 days we were dealing with with some altitude problems, but eventually got used to it. Getting back to our bus, we resupplied on our food (mostly snacks). Our backpacks got heavy, the mountain got higher and we started our sandals.

Most of the days it was hailing, usually in the afternoon, so we ended up sitting in a lighting drill every now and then. The most interesting one was definitely on day 5. We were on a ridge, 13 000 feet up high, dark clouds everywhere, lightnings, hailing. Erik lead us straigth down to the valley. We didn’t have much choice but to get out of there as fast we could, which meant not choosing the nice path. Slowly, we managed…

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Red Hill

Warming up for the Wilderness, short hike up to Red Hill. Good idea before we head off to a 10-day Wilderness Backpacking Trip (Friday, 25th)

Traditions of our Cultures

The final evening in Pomfret School is all about traditions. It is considered the most exciting event of the orientation. Here’s why…