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Hi everybody! It’s already been 10 days since I left home and got on the plane headed to Boston, and lots of things have happened during this time.

Sin títuloOn my way, I met some of the ASSIST scholars and we joined the rest of them in Pomfret, CT, where the Orientation was held. During 4 days, 161 students from all over the world got to know each other and shared new experiences together – it was almost magic. It wasn’t much time, but we took advantage of all of it: we visited Boston and “Hahvahd”, made a human chair, played our own world soccer championship, knew the traditions of different cultures, learned some useful tips for our year in the US and meanwhile, made tons of new friends!! Some of them we might never see again but, despite knowing Facebook’s the devil, I hope to keep in touch with all of them by Facebook 😉

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday arrived, and after four amazing days we had to say goodbye to our new friends. Some were lucky and reached their destinations in a few hours, but as you know I had to go to Utah, and that meant 3 flights, 18 hours of travelling and hoping my suitcases wouldn’t get lost. Finally I arrived, and although it was late in the night, my host family already made me feel like home (as you can imagine at this point first night questions were rather useless, and they turned out to be first-well-rested day questions). 

Next morning I could see better where I was, and to my surprise the landscape was pretty much like the area I live in – dry lands surrounded by mountains. However, this was the only similar thing, because everything else was completely different, just like in films! 

These last days have been great. My new family is so nice and with them I’ve visited my school and Salt Lake City; I’ve attended for the first time a talent show thanks to my host sister and her cousins who participated (and won!); I’ve been to the Aquarium and  I’ve seen The Mortal Instruments movie which I’d been looking forward to. Definitely, it seems like this is going to be an amazing year!

Andrea =)


Two days

13835938-film-countdown-22 DAYS. 48 hours. Only 48 to go? That little? Just a week ago it seemed like this moment would never arrive, but there it is, slowly getting closer without realizing. “Have you already packed your things?” “Are you nervous?” Or better, “wow it’s nearly the day! How are you feeling?” I DON’T KNOW. That simple. Actually, if I think for a while, the answer is something like excited, nervous, afraid, expecting, curious and overwhelmed by all the documents I have filled out for 7 months – at this moment I’m pretty sure I could get a master in formal letters and bureaucracy.

Never mind. So it’s only two days to go: I have already said my farewells to my friends and close relatives, and both the big and small suitcase (there’s no way everything will fit in them) are waiting in my brother’s invaded room. Everything is prepared to leave, and my new life is slowly introducing itself: I’m getting to know my ASSIST mates, I’ve talked to some of my new American friends and my school has sent me a lot of new info…

Some people might think I’m leaving too much here, but they don’t really see I’ve already won a lot, since the very day I got the magic mail. Actually, I’m excited; excited about the trip, excited about meeting all these great people from all over the world, excited about living in such an amazing school as Wasatch and excited about enjoying as much as I can this unique experience. Pretty excited indeed.

Andrea =)