About Matthias

Hi, my name‘s Matthias! Though I‘ve just finished my school career in Munich, Germany and got my bavarian ,Abitur‘, I will stay at Fountain Valley School of Colorado for one year, and remain in a wonderful period of life with school spirit and a strong community.

Since I found out about my grandfather attending St.Paul‘s School NH for one year when he was young, I had the dream of stepping into his shoes. In 2010 I got wait-listed at St. Paul‘s, and now, in 2012, being accepted to Fountain Valley, my dream becomes true. Thank you, ASSIST!

For me, this coming year will be much more than a school year in the United States. I hopefully will form my view on this world, and find out about my place on earth. I want to take this opportunity and try out new things, such as ,Western Horse Riding‘ or ,Chinese‘.
When I come back, I probably will have changed a lot, and maybe I will know exactly what to do in my life!


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