About Lukáš G.

My name is Lukáš. French version of my name is Luc and I like it more as I love French, I have been learning it for 3 years now. I also enjoy using English, maybe more than my native language sometimes. My native language is Czech and I am 16. Most of my life I spent in my hometown called Náchod. I will spend the following year of my life at Key School in Annapolis.

I like to wear wayfarers, skinny jeans and Converse shoes. I like to watch movies and read books. I used to read a lot, but I don’t have enough time now. I like to drink tea, my favourite is Darjeeling. I love to travel, and from all the places I have been to, I loved Bretagne the most.

And this will be a story of how my dream came true.


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