About Gerda

Hello There!

Even though I spent my whole summer filling in forms, documents and other papers like a crazy person, I still can‘t believe this… I‘m going to the USA!  One day I‘ll give back to ASSIST, I promise. However, now all I can do is to say a big THANK YOU for this opportunity. I‘ll do my best not to disappoint you.

For many Lithuanians word “America“ sounds like a fairy-tale.  And I guess I‘m the lucky one who is about to leave her cosy home and literally live in that fairy-tale… But that‘s later. Now I‘m a 17-year-old girl from a small town somewhere in Lithuania who‘s enjoying her last days of careless life and waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting… This means that I have a plenty of time to talk about myself. 🙂 So if you are still reading … here are some things about me:

I like to read (good and bad books, good and bad articles – everything!), I like to write (and have someone who reads my stories), I like to think (alone, completely alone, don‘t even try to interrupt me!), I like to sing (mostly in the shower when nobody hears me), I like to draw (when inspiration comes… so sad that it comes rarely, very rarely…), I like to dance (in the rain, totally wet), I like to smile (genuinely and for a long time), I like to laugh (loudly, sometimes even too loudly), I like to talk (but I can be a good listener too), I like to dream (and I hate when someone wakes me up in the middle of the dream), I like sleeping (without an alarm clock), I like flowers in spring, sunny days in summer, colourful leaves in autumn and snow in winter, I like watching sunrises and sunsets, I like silence and noise, I like making plans and doing everything extempore, I like new beginnings and endings, I like making mistakes and trying to correct them. And most of all, I like people…

That‘s enough for the first time, I think.  🙂

To be continued.

See You!


One thought on “About Gerda

  1. Hey Gerda,

    I was the same Assist-year as you were and I plan on travelling to Lithuania. Don’t know whether you remember me, I was that guy from Germany, who played some music at the orientation with you guys. This blog seemed to me as a way to contact you. If you read this, please message me: till@bethgeonline.de


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