About Denisa


My name’s Denisa, I am from Slovakia and, thanks to Assist, I am another student who got the scholarship to study at one of the US independent secondary schools in school year 2012/2013.

I am going to attend Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School which is located in Kingston, Pennsylvania and I am really excited about that.

I love singing, dancing, writing, photographing, playing guitar and debating in our school’s debate club. I also enjoy climbing, going to the nature and travelling. I am the kind of active vigorous person, who can’t just sit and do nothing, so next year I would like to try as many extracurricular activities and different courses as I can 🙂 .

I am really looking forward to it!


One thought on “About Denisa

  1. Hey Denisa!

    My name is Michelle and I have a few questions to you. My sister Lisa wants to apply for a scholarship at ASSIST to go to the US. Do you have any advices or tipps for us? We discovered your school and it makes a very good impression on us. Could you please give us a more detailed report about your school? Is it religious or anything else?

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