About Alice

Alice Anders Hi, I’m Alice, a lucky Austrian ASSIST student, that will be going to America in 2012/13. I was born in Berlin and then moved to France with my parents. After 5 years, we moved back to Berlin and then to Austria (near Schwaz, Tyrol). And now all those places will be followed by Indiana! More specifically Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, IN. My host family is fantastic – I am very much looking forward to this whole experience and, to be honest, I still can’t believe, that I got this chance!

I enjoy working with animals, reading, playing the piano – just for fun, drawing, sports (riding, skiing…), travelling and (pretty obvious 😉 ) writing. I like to describe myself as a varied person – a typical Aquarius! I have new ideas every second, but I just can’t seem to complete all of those…. But I love to do a lot of different things and always experience something new!

That is why I am planning to lay my main emphasis on Science, Visual Arts, Acting as well as Writing during my year at Canterbury School, which promises to be the best of my life (so far 😉 )!

So enjoy this blog and don’t forget to follow!

P.S.: roughly two and a half years later, I would like to apologise for those very wild commas and the lack of vocabulary. While the picture got updated I decided to leave the text as form of entertainment.


4 thoughts on “About Alice

  1. Amazing how an idea can develop into such a wonderful adventure. Most interesting Alice! I think i am just as excited as you are….. i am sure you will have a blast in Canterbury. Take it all in and write it all down! Big sister will be following you…..

    • I didn’t expect it to grow like that in the beginning! And I am very much looking forward to next academic year – and will be writing things down as often as I possibly can. Now there are some co-writers joining me and the blog will come to life 🙂

  2. Darling Alice, It seems like yesterday I saw you as a tiny baby, and here you are, a lovely young lady, and off on an exciting adventure. I have read every word of your description, and, though I know your folks will miss you a lot, I am delighted that you are going to the U.S. Because of the war, I was evacuated to the U.S. when I was 15 for 4 years, and it enriched and changed my whole life. I am sure you will have a similar experience. I hope that my sending you the tapes of NEIGHBOURS started you off so that now you write in such good English. Enjoy every moment, and I shall enjoy reading of your adventures. Enjoy every moment of this great adventure. With lots of love, Thelma

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