About Tavija

TavijaHey guys!

My name is Tavija Norbutaite (it’s Taaaavija, not Taviiiiija) and I am from Kaunas, Lithuania. I am going to St. Matas gymnasium and I am the first one from my school who got an ASSIST scholarship (I think actually I was one of the first students who even tried to get it). I have a bit unusual story about how I got my scholarship, but I think I will share it a bit later Well, I will attend Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and it is a boarding school, which means I will live in school with other students (I think most all of those who are reading this blog know what it is but still..).

And now a bit about myself… I am a 17 years-old girl. I was participating in aerobic gymnastics for 9 years, and I had to leave it because of this year in the USA. I was my school self-government president and I am still worried how they will work this year. When I find time for myself I like to read (but I can’t read books from summer reading lists), play volleyball (if there still are some energy to do it after a good training), eat sweets (I really like them! And I hate that I do!) and watch movies (I have seen a lot of them). Also I was involved into various activities like events organising and etc.

Last summer I didn’t know I will be participating in ASSIST program and I still can’t believe I am. So I will do my best not to disappoint everybody and, especially, myself. I think it is enough about me for this time! I hope you all will have a great time while reading our posts on this blog about our ASSIST year in the USA. : )



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