About Patricia

Hello World!

This is how I feel at the moment, this overwhelming feeling of having the chance to embrace the world, to say hello. The United States stand for such a huge variety and diversity in cultural backgrounds – in my opinion the perfect environment for such an adventure, like an exchange year is. So I am really glad that thanks to ASSIST I have the chance to spend the following year at Miss Hall’s School, in Pittsfield/ Massachusetts as a sophomore. I am really excited because living at an all-girls boarding school with “only” 180 girls more will definitely be an extraordinary experience!

I am really excited about the sports offerings at my American school and I want to try out as many active things as I can. Typically Austrian, I am already looking forward to joining the Alpine Race team and maybe I’ll also have the chance to improve my tennis skills ( a sport I have fallen in love with recently 😛 ) Besides sports, I enjoy reading a lot and of course spending time with my friends. (Sounds like a clichee, doesn’t it? 😉 ).

Now, spending the last few days at home the excitement for the adventure of my life is growing and I can’t wait to get started.

I hope you will enjoy our blog and keep an eye on every update we will be posting!




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