About Lucía


I’m Lucía, one of the Spanish scholars who will be living in the States for a year thanks to ASSIST. This fall, I’ll attend The Episcopal Academy, a day school in Pennsylvania. The school looks great and I can’t wait to meet my host families and everyone from EA!

A couple of years ago, I went to a camp where some counselors (older ASSIST scholars) told me about ASSIST so I ended up applying for this scholarship. It seemed so difficult to get it but now I’m about to leave Spain for a full year to do my sophomore year!

In Spain, I play soccer but I will definitely try lacrosse (and maybe even Squash) in EA. I also play the piano and may join the Jazz Band this year. Moreover, the extracurricular activities are so different and I like so many! I don’t really know what to expect about this year but I want to have a full American experience! Besides sports and music, I love traveling and visiting new places, and my dream city is somewhere in Australia even though I’ve never been there!

4 days left until Orientation!! I’m a bit scared… but at the same time, I’m so excited and anxious!

Can’t wait to live this great experience,



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