About Klaudia


My name is Klaudia. I’m 17 years old polish girl, who is going to the USA for the school year 2013/14 as an ASSIST scholar. Chatham Hall in Virginia is going to be my boarding school, which seems to be fitting all my interests.


When I received information about my school I was very excited to know that I will have possibility to do horse riding. I also like: volleyball, swimming and in winter snowboarding, which is all available in Chatham Hall. I thought “This school is amazing!”, but it wasn’t even half of good information about my future place of study. I quickly got into language section as I’m very very very keen on learning new languages. I already speak fluently Chinese, but I also learn Spanish and French. Now you understand, why it was so important for me to find that Chatham Hall have Chinese language classes on the advanced level as well as Spanish and French classes and clubs. It was my dream, but it wasn’t all I was supposed to know. After few minutes I realized that I forgot to check if Chatham Hall has piano classes. I play piano since I was 7 years old, so that piano plays a significant role in my life. Can you imagine how happy I was to know that in my school there are piano lessons? Moreover, it was all in one place! Normally in Poland I had to spend whole afternoons on running between extracurricular lessons, coming back home at very late hours, and now thanks to ASSIST I got a chance to have it all in one very beautiful place.

This year is an opportunity for all scholars to experience life in the USA and become a world citizen. I have no doubts that we will engage in every activities, we will make long-life friendships and we will have great fun!

Wish you all the best!



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