About Andrea

1079328_10201699556993316_1192731511_nHey there!

I’m Andrea Manrique, one of the lucky Spanish students who will be living a whole year in an amazing school in US – in my case, Wasatch Academy in Utah. I was born 17 years ago in a city located in the north-east of Spain. I love traveling and so, since I was young my family and I have traveled a lot around Europe and even once to the USA.

However, this time is different; in less than a week I’ll be leaving home on my own to live the greatest experience of my life! Leaving aside my fondness of traveling and doing loads of different things at the same time, I also love reading (specially fantasy books), drawing/painting, singing and dancing (better when nobody’s seeing). As for sports, I like snowboarding, skiing, roller-skating and swimming. Besides, this year I’m planning to take advantage of the huge variety of sports in Wasatch and take up cheerleading, I’m so excited!

It’s been several months since I knew I had been given this unique experience but I think I don’t realize what I’m about to live, maybe I will when I have been there for some time.For sure this will change my vision of the world forever and just for that ASSIST deserves a huge THANKS.



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