6 days left…

My time at Greenhill School has come to an end. Yesterday was the Awards Ceremony in the gym, and I realised that it would be my last time seeing the school. It was a strange feeling- I tried to soak up every little detail of the campus when I was walking through it for the last time. It’s hard to say goodbye to a place so special. Even though I’ve only spent a year here, Greenhill will stay with me- it has had a lasting impact on my education, my personality, and the way I look at life.


I didn’t expect to receive anything at the Awards Ceremony, but I ended up coming away with the Precalculus award! Then, I got to stand up when they read out the athletes who had played sports in all three trimesters (this year I have played field hockey, cheerleading and lacrosse). After the awards were given out, the head of the Upper School, Mrs. Ross, made a small speech recognizing me and my impact on the school this year. She also thanked my host family, the Shosids, for their generosity in hosting me. Then I was invited up on stage to receive a book! It was a really nice way to end my time at Greenhill.


After the ceremony, we had the junior (rising senior) class lunch in the courtyard, and we all received our yearbooks! Everyone was so excited about becoming the seniors of the school!

It’s weird to talk to all of my American friends about summer, because I know that in Australia, it’s actually winter, and I will be going back to school in about a month…I’m actually moving down a grade (because I missed a full year at my school), so I will have to make new friends again. But I feel as though that won’t be too hard considering I’ve become very skilled at meeting new people!

Something else I know that I will have to adjust to when I get back is the fact that no one back home has gone through this experience with me. I know that people will be interesting in hearing all about my year, but there’s only so much they will want to listen to. I was talking to one of my teachers Mr. Mercurio who said that I need to find an outlet where I can express my feelings and thoughts about my ASSIST year. He suggested that I either write it down in a journal, or find another student from ASSIST to share my experiences with. I actually have a few friends in Brisbane who were part of the ASSIST program this year, so hopefully I’ll be able to talk to them!

I only have 6 days left before I get on my flight back to Brisbane, Australia. In those 6 days, I need to pack, say goodbye to Dallas, say goodbye to my host family and close friends, and most importantly, thank all of them for the generosity and kindness they’ve showed to me. I have already said goodbye to the other Dallas ASSIST students. We all went out to an American restaurant to meet for the last time. It was really nice being able to talk to them about their years, and all reflect on how far we have all come since Orientation. Here’s a picture of our first meeting together 10 months ago, and our last meeting together.


I’d like to wish all the other scholars a wonderful last few days/weeks in their American cities. And before I sign off, I’d like to thank ASSIST- I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express my gratitude for this organization. You have given me the greatest gift- an education at one of the most prestigious school in the nation, and an experience of a lifetime. I have not only learnt about American culture, but I have immersed myself in it, and I can’t wait to go back and share some of the things I have learnt with my community.

Until next time,