Half year through

When I applied to ASSIST, I never imagined how great this experience would be. It seems like yesterday when we were saying goodbye to everything back home and first got here, but it has been 5 months! I don’t really know how it ended up being Christmas. It’s not like I hadn’t seen any Christmas lights, listened to any Christmas songs or dressed up with Christmas sweaters a month before Christmas but I guess time goes by very fast.

My family came to visit me and that made me the happiest person ever! I have to admit I had missed my family more than anything and it’s hard being so far away… They arrived the last day of school before break and got to meet my school, teachers and friends. I think they liked everything as much as I do. Only my sister speaks fluent English but my friends tried to throw out some Spanish words. One of my friends told my parents “happy birthday” instead of “merry Christmas” but they knew what she meant so that’s good. On the 23rd, they came to dinner with my host family and it was one of the funniest things you could ever see. Bradlie (my host) got to practice her Spanish. It was nice that they got to see where I am and how great everyone is treating me. We later went to New York, which was so much fun, but they left on the 29th… That same day I came back to Philly and I was very glad I was going that same day to Lake Placid with my host family, because I knew how homesick I would have been that day.ImageImage

The funny part of all is that after packing again in an hour, one of the tires broke after 15 minutes! I guess that having 7 people, two dogs and all our suitcases was too much for the wheel. Lake Placid was fun! We went skiing one day and another day, we went snowmobiling. I had never been that cold! It was freezing! In New Year’s Eve in Spain we have the tradition of eating (chocking) 12 grapes the last 12 seconds of the year. Each grape means luck in every month and after you eat them all you make a wish. We all ate the 12 grapes (or 14 because we add 2 more in some cups) or unless we tried to! After a couple of days there, we went to a cabin in Hemlock Pond where we had to pull a 4-wheeler out of the pond. All the family came for a last Christmas reunion and it was nice to meet the other side of my host family.ImageImage

Now Christmas break is over and we are back at school. On Monday we started a program called JTerm in which each student selects a course to take during that period of time. There are courses about history, literature, photography, music, art… I am in “Escape from the Western Diet”. It is about food and how to eat healthy. We are going to cook next week and I am pretty excited about that! Tomorrow we are going to Chipotle to see how bad fast food is and then to a farm to see how quality matters. Today was 0F/-16C and I seriously froze so I hope it will be warmer tomorrow. Ohh tomorrow is HUUUUUMP day! Happy early hump day! hahahah I have a great obsession with this…

In three weeks I am moving to my next host family! This seemed so far away… This year has been great so far and I cannot wait to see what’s coming next (hopefully some warmer weather and some Spanish homemade food!).

Happy New Year!