A month in the States

We have been more than a month in our new American schools and I think we are all enjoying our year so far. School is hard! Or unless it is for me… There are tons of homework, quizzes and tests to be ready for and I get home so tired from soccer… But I really enjoy my classes. Today I got assigned a pen pal from 4th grade and his name is Nik!

Yesterday we had Vesper and Aurora Day! We were divided in Vesper (blue) and Aurora (white), and then into smaller groups according to my school stripes: self-control, honesty, respect… I was a Vesper and my stripe was respect. So we all played against each other in stupid games. We had to go up a hill in which they had put a plastic with soap!! In another game we had to ride a really small tricycle around campus…. It was so much fun!

Mr. Milne and Mr. Eidam from ASSIST came to visit Xander and I at EA. After the meeting, I realized how lucky we both are: we are in a great school, with great host families that help us so much and people are so nice to us. Also, we are all very fortunate to be here: “From a pool of 1,650 applications, 725 finalists were invited to an interview, and 161 were accepted as ASSIST Scholars (a 10% acceptance rate).”

To those who haven’t been to a football game yet, go to one!! They are so much fun! Two weeks ago, we had a “white-out” at the football game. Everyone wore white and everyone was so into the game! I didn’t actually understand anything about the game but we won! Two of the football players were taken out of the game and taken to the hospital… Football is pretty intense!

Living this experience makes me really happy! I have already gained so much and it has only been a bit more than a month…

Enjoy your days! I hope you are all having a great time!




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