Where is that feeling?!

Not so much left till my flight to my best year in America. My brains understand that I am going to start my trip in less than 4 days, but my body can’t feel that. I am thinking, when I will feel that… tremor (I guess)? When that feeling starts in the heart and goes through all the body… Maybe it will be in a few minutes? Or hours? Or maybe I will feel that only when I get to the plane?


However. Today is my packing day. I started to pack a week ago by taking all stuff I think i want to take and putting it to my mum’s workroom. Also I just came back from the shopping center where I bought my last (at least I think it is my last purchase) pair of shoes. In a few minutes I will start putting all things to my bags. Wish me luck!

So, everybody asks me if I am scared? Not at all. I am just interested what it will be like, spending whole year in America without my parents, friends and my DOG! HAHA, it will be amazing! Ok, I will miss my home and my little sis and brother, but I am going to have an incredible experience, so it is worth it.

At the end, I want to wish all of you (and by this I mean 2013/14 ASSIST students) that your last days in your country would be the best of the whole summer! Don’t waste your time (like I had to do it all week) and be with someone and do something! And we will share our impressions at Boston! See you there 🙂

P. S. I finally got that feeling! I am shaking 😀



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