Indian Springs vs. Altamont

This friday we had the most anticipated game of the year at Indian Springs School – the beat Altamont (our rival school) game in basketball. The school and team spirit was on the top, and we had the greatest support. The whole crowd of Indian Springs School were up and jumping, screaming “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!”, making animal noises and just having a great time while cheering on our school. The boy’s game itself was also very exciting. As the game was going to end, people were thinking that it would go into over time. And so it did. Three times. The two teams were so close, that as the real play time ended, the first extension ended, and the second extension ended, the score between the two teams were the same. Finally, in the third extension, with 50 seconds to spare, the Indian Springs School scored a three pointer and won the game. That was the most exciting game I’ve ever been to.



This week I was in Washington D.C. and went to the inauguration of president Obama with my host family. Since I live on Indian Springs School in Alabama, and we took the car up to D.C., it took plenty of time to reach our destination. We arrived late at night on Saturday, after picking up my host brother’s friend in Atlanta, earlier that morning. Even though we had a long ride, it was fun and we had some stuff to do (such as me writing this, on our way back home). The inauguration was itself a great opportunity and I was so happy that my host family gave me the opportunity to go with them. The first day we went running after tickets in the state buildings, and I was just amazed walking around in the Capitol buildings – since I am interested in architecture – and just enjoyed every minute of being there. The next day was the inauguration. An approximate numbers of spectators at this event was around 600 000 people. I had never seen that much people gathering at the same place and time, and that was one big event that I will never forget, as the situation itself was so intense and exciting. With a lot of people, there were some problems actually seeing the orators or the president talk. This was a bit of a pit but there were big screens that showed what we only could distinguish as a small bunch of people on the stairs beneath the dome of the Capitol building. Even so, it was fun and I was excitingly clapping my hands for everybody and their speeches, not that much for what they said, but for the excitement of that moment. Afterwards, we went sightseeing in the city. Since Washington D.C. has the monuments of the government and the nation, we could not leave it without going watching them. We hired some bikes and went around and visited the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Capitol and various other buildings.

A little reflection over the past semester

During the first half of my stay here in America, I realized how good friends you could make on a boarding school. I have some really close friends in the dorms, and I am for sure going to cry when I am leaving the school. Though now I have a reason for coming back to America and visit!

The first months were somewhat unstructured, learning to build a routine for that specific place. I either took too much time on friends, putting the effort of learning to know people, or trying what my school had to offer. Suddenly, when I found that I had found my place and what I wanted to do, it was already Thanksgiving. Even though I felt that my first three month had been as an onion – pursuing to find the inner core of it, my place at this school, as the layers of time went by without me noticing. Then came Christmas, and between my host family’s parties and family gatherings, I realized that I the time hadn’t really gone past. I had taken the moment into account and what I had essentially done was making the most out of the moments this semester. With this happy thought I made a New Years Resolution – to make the next semester even better.

The flight of time

So many things have happened! I had my first real Thanksgiving, we had a Model UN conference, a speech meet, our musical showed, our soccer guys got 1A State champions, Christmas and so many more things I can’t possibly summarize in one sentence.


IMG_0213It all started with a big game in Indianapolis on the IU soccer-field. Our guys ruled the field and easily won with a 5-0 score. GO CAVS! I really love the team spirit! And I might be changing the order of events, but such a big number of things happen so shortly after each other!IMG_0694 IMG_0689 IMG_0650

The Canterbury HS musical “How to succeed in business without really trying” was truly a success. We didn’t only have entertained spectators, but the cast also grew very close and it was a very depressing feeling when we were done with the rehearsals. Luckily, the winter play would start soon!

The musical was followed by the Junior college trip, probably one of the best class trips of my life. I got to see Furman and Davidson (my host siblIMG_1316ings happen to attend those two colleges, which made the visits even better!!), Emory, University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt  and Wittenberg. I have been considering to apply to American colleges. Vanderbilt is one of those for sure, Furman, Davidson and Emory will be taken under consideration. (top image: Vandy, bottom image: Furman, then: Ohio River, Cincinnati)


But the trip was not only a highlight because of the colleges, but also due to the friends I made and got closer to during the trip and the activities after the college visits. We had a lot of fun at the CNN center in Atlanta, a bowling center and a river dance cruise at night on the beautiful Ohio river in Cincinnati. With a huge lack of sleep, but all in all very satisfied, we arrived at home after one week of  pure adventure and a lot of driving – we drove down to South Carolina, it took us 14 hours.

Then we had a Model UN conference at IUS, our team representing Morocco. After two days of constant discussion and arguments, everyone was tired but satisfied and agreed to have some fun during the last half hour. The world ended up declaring war against Morocco and we were “banned” from the Security Council. We then renamed our country “Rocco” and were allowed to come back. It was a lot of fun and some pretty serious discussion. My partner was amazing – he basically run the whole discussion!

Then came Thanksgiving! It was pretty memorable – I never saw that many people eating that much food at a time before. We had some family over and as much fun as we had food, which equals to a blast! The best thing was probably going to see Skyfall afterwards, filled up with the tons of food and ready to sit for a long time.

IMG_4887The next day was Cookie day, which is a family tradition. We drove up to Michigan to see the other part of the family to decorate cookies. I met so many nice people in those two days!

Then we went back to school and everything went by so fast. Finals came closer, the homework load increased a lot and my schedule was filled. Juggling between swim team, after-play practice and homework was not easy and will not be easy in the coming weeks, but then it is my decision to do so and I don’t regret making the decision to participate in both a theater production and a sport.

IMG_5372After finals, Christmas was finally there and the house was full again. Everyone was at home and every evening was fun in a special way!

I have too much to be thankful for in this situation. I wished for a chance to experience a different world. I got the chance to do so much more ❤