It’s been three months!

It’s been three months since I came to the United states!  I feel like time is running so fast, that in spring I won’t even realize that is time to go home. These past three months have been full of meeting new people, struggling in school, visiting new places… basically everything was new and exciting.

Since Wyoming seminary is just two hours from the city that never sleeps, I have been in New York several times. I love this city. The diversity of the people in there is unbelievable. Broadway shows are amazing and Central Park really stunning.


My host family is the best host family I could ever get. It’s very nice, when somebody treats you as a part of the family and is open to talk when you have an issue with no matter what. Since my host sister attends the same school that I do, I see her every day, what makes my relationships with her even deeper.

Speaking about the relationships, I found amazing friends at my school. All of them are Germans..and blond 😀 . We have so much fun together and really enjoy company of each other. I hope our relationship will last as long as we can maintain.

What about the school? I just started new trimester, so the week before Thanksgiving was the Final exam week. A lot of studying, a lot… But I was encouraged, because I knew that next week I’ll have the vacation! My final grades were fine, I was very satisfied. Ok, maybe I wanted to have better grade in US history, but I have to admit that it’s a tough subject and I was working hard. And that’s what counts, right?

Anyway, just three weeks to Christmas break! I am so excited to experience Christmas in the USA, Santa Claus and all that stuff that’s different to Slovakia.