A reflection of the Orientation

Hi fellow ASSIST scholars,

First of all I want to thank every one of you for the amazing Orientation – and the fact that we all did it to such a memorable event. As many have commented and described in the ASSIST Facebook group, I personally thought that it was one of the best moments in my entire life. Although, now when it is over, I feel that it could have been a bit longer. There were many people that could have become great friends, only if we had a bit more time. Even so – when I left Pomfret School to the airport I felt that I was very sad. It was peculiar though, since I was not really longing for my parents or friends at home. I knew that I would meet them once again when I come back to Sweden. The reason of my sadness was that I was leaving Pomfret School, and with it an almost nonexistent chance of meeting the ASSIST scholars of 2012-2013 ever again. In other words, I was not home sick – but ASSIST community sick.

As I scrolled through the messages on Facebook today I did however notice that people were feeling the same thing as me. It was great. It showed that people cared a lot of this past event, and that there were people wanting to meet once again after this exchange year (which of course did not surprise me, but the confirmation was a great relief!).

Therefore I would like to summon all of us sometime after this year. Maybe before we go home to our respective countries? The logistics is the problem and we will have to see what everybody wants to do. However I am very open to these kinds of ideas and would love to further pursue a meeting or doing something fun together.

Good luck to you all in your different places all over America and all the best from Indian Springs School, AL.

Alexander H.


2 thoughts on “A reflection of the Orientation

  1. Dear Alexander,
    Dear (other) ASSIST Scholars,

    Orientation is also my favorite four days of the year! My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoy our time with you, and it makes us proud to think of the positive impacts you will have on your host families, classmates, teachers and school communities.

    A long-term goal I hold dear is an “outbound” orientation for all Scholars. We have begun a pilot program in the Washington, DC, area, and we hope one day to roll it out all over the country.

    I hope you’ve had a chance to catch your breaths this weekend (as I have!), and enjoy the week ahead.

    All best,

    Mr. Stanley

  2. @Keigo: I know right!!! At some points I do miss you guys more than i miss my family and friends back home! i will see all of them again, but it’s really difficult to be able to experience what we have gone through together at Pomfret again . Gosh I want to see you guys so bad!

    @mr. Stanley: an outbound orientation??? How amazing! But isn’t it for the future ASSIST kids only? 😦

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