I feel sooooo free…

…leaving everything except for my clothes behind me! Now, after I finally finished my school and am leaving my home, this must be real life starting!

I get short messages all the time of friends who want to see me once more before I will leave tomorrow morning. I feel that I am not someone who wants and needs to say goodbye for hours, though I think I did not have enough time to see all my friends and family. Maybe I will only realize that we won’t meet for so long when I’m away.

Everything is prepared for the next year: my ‘Prepaid Visa Card’ is fully loaded, few days ago I ordered a ‘Student Starter Pak’ including towels and bed linen on the internet. My classes are scheduled: English III, US History, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics, Ceramics and Photography. I am super excited, and I want to do my best while at Fountain Valley School. Hopefully I can work on myself, on learning skills, preparing for university.

I take as much with me as possible: 2 suit-cases and a backpack + laptop case. And it feels like it’s not enough!

I know that when we’ll be departing, I’ll remember a thousand things that I’ve forgotten…

Good luck everyone!



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