“Time comes slowly, time goes fast…”

“Time will come, time will go

Time shall reap, that time has sown

Time comes slowly, time goes fast

Time will linger, time outlasts

Time sees all, time knows best

Time remembers, time never forgets

Time will hide, time will reveal

Time will open, time will seal

Time brings hope, time brings fear

Time brings distance, time draws near

Time will help, time will hinder

Time will shine, time turns to cinder

We forget about time, yet it’s all we would know

In time, there is everything, and time will show.”

Nate Hawk


Slowly but also quickly passed the four-day-orientation in Pomfret.



“Time comes slowly…”

Time came slowly when we waited for others to arrive and decided to take a walk in the middle of the lovely forest that seemed to stretch into eternity.

Time came slowly when thirteen-hour difference between Hanoi and Pomfret tired me to the point of insomnia.

But time seemed to stop when scholars of twenty-two countries held hands and danced their heart out at the Tradition of Our Culture night. Students from all over the globe, each has their own background and belief, yet at that moment and forever on, all shared the same passion, the same love and the same yearning for a bright future. Hands held hands. Hearts beat the same heartbeat. The feeling was so overwhelming and heartwarming that it went straight into my heart and there it will continue to stay forever…

“time goes fast…”

Time went fast inside the car that took the very first arrived scholars from the airport to the beautiful Pomfret school.

Time went fast when we joyfully and vigorously ran back and forth between school buildings in order to be on time.

But time raced when we spent our last night at Pomfret. Although we all had to get up early the next morning for departure, we tried to stay up longer to talk even just a little more with our friends whom we might not be able to see in years. The fun we had seemed to call upon the sun, and so the morning came when there were still so many things to say and so many feelings to share…

Time goes by, my heart stays.


A reflection of the Orientation

Hi fellow ASSIST scholars,

First of all I want to thank every one of you for the amazing Orientation – and the fact that we all did it to such a memorable event. As many have commented and described in the ASSIST Facebook group, I personally thought that it was one of the best moments in my entire life. Although, now when it is over, I feel that it could have been a bit longer. There were many people that could have become great friends, only if we had a bit more time. Even so – when I left Pomfret School to the airport I felt that I was very sad. It was peculiar though, since I was not really longing for my parents or friends at home. I knew that I would meet them once again when I come back to Sweden. The reason of my sadness was that I was leaving Pomfret School, and with it an almost nonexistent chance of meeting the ASSIST scholars of 2012-2013 ever again. In other words, I was not home sick – but ASSIST community sick.

As I scrolled through the messages on Facebook today I did however notice that people were feeling the same thing as me. It was great. It showed that people cared a lot of this past event, and that there were people wanting to meet once again after this exchange year (which of course did not surprise me, but the confirmation was a great relief!).

Therefore I would like to summon all of us sometime after this year. Maybe before we go home to our respective countries? The logistics is the problem and we will have to see what everybody wants to do. However I am very open to these kinds of ideas and would love to further pursue a meeting or doing something fun together.

Good luck to you all in your different places all over America and all the best from Indian Springs School, AL.

Alexander H.

Red Hill

Warming up for the Wilderness, short hike up to Red Hill. Good idea before we head off to a 10-day Wilderness Backpacking Trip (Friday, 25th)

The orientation

Orientation. The beginning of everything. The time everyone had been waiting for. I can tell you one thing: it was worth waiting.

Since I had stayed in Boston with my parents, they decided to drive me there, spending the last hours together. I won’t be able to say anything about the flight, airport and bus drive that day, but I vividly remember dinner, seeing the dorm, meeting the roommates arriving at 1 am. I didn’t really see people that evening… I was highly confused and not able to actually communicate; at least that’s what it felt like.

The next day was great – full of plays. We had to form circles in various orders – not one of them would have been acceptable in a Maths class (we would have been better in forming a rectangle I guess). We ate, had some introductory “classes” and, I believe, really enjoyed ourselves.

The next day had been awaited even more eagerly: it was Boston time. We had a tour through Harvard and Boston, and learnt a lot about American history. Between those tours we had the possibility to shop in Cambridge, MA (not to be mistaken with Cambridge, UK 😉 ) and at Quincy Market, which is impressing (crowded…). After that, we had free time, about which everyone was really happy.

The next day was filled with seven sessions about various topics. All of them were really interesting, but at some point I couldn’t help getting tired… They really helped though! That day was pretty much all planned. Sessions, pictures, barbecue and traditions of our cultures show, which was amazing! I was impressed by all those different ideas and ways to realize them!!

The next day was already departure day! We just didn’t have enough time. I would have loved to spend some more days with the people I had met and become friends with…

Some had to wake up at 4 in the morning in order to catch their bus and it was a lot of stress… I was lucky only to have to wake up at 6:30! We had to get to Boston, hop on a plane to Atlanta, wait there and get the next plane to Fort Wayne. It was going too well to be true… The co-pilot didn’t show up on time and caused a delay of 1 hour. At least we safely landed in Fort Wayne International Airport!

Pictures will probably follow soon 🙂


My first day

Here it is!

I took off the Logan International Airport, change in Charlotte and landed in Dallas. My family was waiting there for me as well as the head of admission of my school. It was strange, but nice though. So when we arrived everything was just amazing. Big and amazing! I had an awesome dinner. For the first time in my life I jumped a front flip to pool and was almost eaten by three dogs. No, just kidding, ;D

Today I was amazed by the school, which is right behind the garden. People seemed to be really nice and everything went well. They took a photo of me, created an account for me and I picked up the books and was going to the head of math department. He was really nice, we did some of the precalculus and thank God, he put me into Calculus, what is exactly the thing I wanted him to do!

After that I had a volleyball practice, which was really great. The team’s good and I am already looking forward to the first tournament on Friday.

It is interesting how everything works, even though the school hasn’t started yet.


Traditions of our Cultures

The final evening in Pomfret School is all about traditions. It is considered the most exciting event of the orientation. Here’s why…

3, 2, 1….

The adventure begins.

In just a few hours time most of the other 167 ASSIST students will have landed on the US continent. Far far away. Far away from home, far away from family and friends.

My parents and I are now heading towards Pomfret school in Conneticut, where the orientation camp will take place. This morning, we had a big thunderstorm and it rained very heavy. But now the weather has cleared and will hopefully stay as sunny and moderately warm as it is now.

This is the start of a new life.